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As of 2017, more than 3.7 billion US$ have been raised through a total of 235 ICOs – that is more than three times as much money as through venture capital funding of blockchain startups.

Raising money from token holders of your coin economy can be a faster and more profitable way of raising the money needed for your venture. A deep understanding of the underlying mechanics in blockchain technology and the token market are essential for a successful ICO.



From the first whitepaper draft to market rollout, we organise every aspect of a succesful Initial Coin Offering. Wheter its a legal review, technical due diligence, a focused marketing plan or the set up of a successful ICO bug bounty program, we are here to help.
With our network of experienced mentors we will make your ICO a success as well.



We have access to a global Network of Experts in Legal & jurisdication, Marketing and Public Relations or Technology and IT Infrastructure, providing solutions to help accelerate your goals.

We offer a full service ICO program, with 100+ hours of coaching, mentorship and advise, making our international network of mentors available to you. Full program details will be disclosed in 2018.

  • Legal Review of Business Plan, Whitepaper, Strategy
  • Securing Intellectual Property
  • Selection of Jurisdication
  • Token Economy Strategy
  • Technical and Code due review
  • decentralized applications
  • Smart Contracts engineering and digital autonomous code
  • Wallet Solutions
  • decentralised platform solutions
  • digitalization of assets
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Token Strategy
  • Roadmap development
  • investor, venture capitalists and publicists outreach
  • organisation of roadshow and PR Campaingns
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